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Culture wires the brain: A cognitive neuroscience perspective

Don’t have access to the full details to determine how solid the results are, but it seems like an intriguing cognitive neuroscience study of cross-cultural differences: There is evidence that the collectivist nature of East Asian cultures versus individualistic Western … Continue reading

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Spinning dancer illusion; left brain vs. right brain hype?

Many of you have probably seen this animation of a spinning dancer silhouette from the Daily Telegraph, as it’s been making the rounds on various blogs and social networking sites. It’s a neat animation, but the blurb also states the … Continue reading

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Video of BrainPort on Today Show

There’s a rather neat video from the Today Show featuring blind climber Erik Weihenmayer and a researcher, discussing BrainPort, a system which takes visual input from a camera and outputs as an array of tongue stimulation. Erik demonstrates recognizing some … Continue reading

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Animaniacs flashback: Pinky and the Brain sing about neuroanatomy

Back when I was a youngin’, I dearly loved the characters Pinky and the Brain from the Animaniacs show; eventually the megalomaniacal rodent and his unique friend spun off into their own dedicated series. One of my favorite childhood memories … Continue reading

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Free articles on visual masking

According to an announcement (pasted below) on visionlist, the current issue of Advances in Cognitive Psychology is a special issue all about visual masking. The issue (consisting of 27 papers) is entirely free to download, and seems to be a … Continue reading

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