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(Very) rough PhD thesis draft: Table of Contents

I’ve decided to work on and post one (very) rough draft of each subchapter of my PhD thesis at a time, so that I can focus on just one part at a time without being distracted by the rest of … Continue reading

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VSS abstract: TMS induces detail-rich “instant replays” of natural images

It looks like all the abstracts from the Vision Sciences Society conference we were at a few months ago have now been published in the Journal of Vision. Below is the text of the abstract for the poster I presented. … Continue reading

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Reactivation (of blogs, brains, etc.)

After a hiatus of more than a year, I’ve decided to try reactivating this jolly ol’ blog. As before, my plan is to periodically share commentary on various interesting happenings in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. As for myself, for the … Continue reading

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