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Animaniacs flashback: Pinky and the Brain sing about neuroanatomy

Back when I was a youngin’, I dearly loved the characters Pinky and the Brain from the Animaniacs show; eventually the megalomaniacal rodent and his unique friend spun off into their own dedicated series. One of my favorite childhood memories … Continue reading

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Free articles on visual masking

According to an announcement (pasted below) on visionlist, the current issue of Advances in Cognitive Psychology is a special issue all about visual masking. The issue (consisting of 27 papers) is entirely free to download, and seems to be a … Continue reading

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Facebook Friend Wheel

I recently added the ‘Friend Wheel’ application to my Facebook profile, and I’m rather fascinated by the results: I think there’s some issues with their ordering, but you can still clearly see three distinct groups with high within-group linkage. The … Continue reading

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VSS abstract: TMS induces detail-rich “instant replays” of natural images

It looks like all the abstracts from the Vision Sciences Society conference we were at a few months ago have now been published in the Journal of Vision. Below is the text of the abstract for the poster I presented. … Continue reading

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Reactivation (of blogs, brains, etc.)

After a hiatus of more than a year, I’ve decided to try reactivating this jolly ol’ blog. As before, my plan is to periodically share commentary on various interesting happenings in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. As for myself, for the … Continue reading

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