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Initial release of gwt-phys2d (Javascript/GWT physics engine)

I’ve been exposing myself to web programming lately, and in order to teach myself how to use Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google App Engine (GAE), the Eclipse development environment, and Javascript. Yes, it’s a Javascript physics engine — committing the … Continue reading

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Click-based visualization of the relationships between scientific fields

Many of you have likely already seen the maps of scientific fieldsĀ generated based on citation information. In those visualizations, different scientific fields whose papers cite each other regularly get linked closely together on the map, and it produces a neat … Continue reading

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Winamp Halloween costume

Originally uploaded by Neil H. Here’s the Winamp (pre-3.0) costume I wore for Halloween. I used the T-Qualizer shirt from Thinkgeek as the basis of the costume, so that it would animate in response to ambient voices and music. It … Continue reading

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Spinning dancer illusion; left brain vs. right brain hype?

Many of you have probably seen this animation of a spinning dancer silhouette from the Daily Telegraph, as it’s been making the rounds on various blogs and social networking sites. It’s a neat animation, but the blurb also states the … Continue reading

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Video of BrainPort on Today Show

There’s a rather neat video from the Today Show featuring blind climber Erik Weihenmayer and a researcher, discussing BrainPort, a system which takes visual input from a camera and outputs as an array of tongue stimulation. Erik demonstrates recognizing some … Continue reading

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