(Very) rough PhD thesis draft: Table of Contents

I’ve decided to work on and post one (very) rough draft of each subchapter of my PhD thesis at a time, so that I can focus on just one part at a time without being distracted by the rest of it. I also find that I write best when writing for an immediate audience. Please feel free to ask any questions and give comments as I go along. I’ll start with the Table of Contents. As you can see, I’m experimenting with a Socratic/question-based approach to chapter organization:

Tentative title: Reactivation of Visual Representations With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  1. Introduction:
    1. What is this thesis about?
    2. What are the contributions of this work?
    3. How is this thesis structured?
  2. Background: TMS and visual cortex
    1. What do we already know about how information is represented in visual cortex?
    2. What is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?
    3. What does TMS offer us that other techniques do not?
    4. What is already known about how TMS interacts with representations in visual cortex?
    5. What can we learn from TMS reactivation of visual representations?
  3. Related work: Prior experiments with reactivation and related effects
    1. What related experiments were previously performed by Daw-An Wu and Juha Silvanto?
    2. How does the work described in this thesis build upon earlier work?
  4. Chapter: Replay of natural images
    1. How do you invoke the TMS-based visual replay effect?
    2. What was the methodology used for the natural image replay experiments?
    3. What do subjects report seeing when the replay effect is elicited?
    4. What are the implications of the figure-ground segregation reported by many subjects during replay?
    5. What is the timecourse of the visual replay effect?
    6. What do the effects of switching current direction in the coil tell us about the nature of the replay effect?
    7. What can we determine about what regions of cortex are being stimulated during visual replay?
  5. Chapter: Replaying visual masks
    1. What is visual masking?
    2. What can the replay of visual masks tell us about what is happening during replay?
    3. How did we replay visual masks?
    4. What happened when we replayed visual masks?
    5. What does the interaction between replay and visual masking tell us about the representation which gets reactivated?
  6. Chapter: entrainment effect and masking paradigm
    1. What is the entrainment effect?
  7. Chapter: retrieval?
  8. Chapter: Contributions and future work
    1. Contributions
    2. Future work
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  1. Jon M says:

    How’s it going so far? I’ll definitely read things as you post them.

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