Video of BrainPort on Today Show

There’s a rather neat video from the Today Show featuring blind climber Erik Weihenmayer and a researcher, discussing BrainPort, a system which takes visual input from a camera and outputs as an array of tongue stimulation. Erik demonstrates recognizing some written numerals, while a video display gives an idea of what information is being output to his tongue. The tech seems nearly ready for market already, and I’m sure it’ll eventually become more portable.

A quick YouTube search brought up the following video from a few months ago from CBS News, which shows a blind tester walking around using the system and has some spiffy graphics which show how the system works:

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  1. Daniel Cabrini Hauagge says:

    I read about a similar system a few years ago being tested by the army for use with airplane pilots. The idea was to offload some of the monitoring performed by the visual system to the other senses (they also described a system that applied pressure to the pilot’s body in order to give him a sense of up and down). If I recall correctly, this came out at Wired.

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