Some time ago I realized that I couldn’t find any good sites which discuss recent research in computer vision. This “research blog” is intended to help fill that gap. My plan is to discuss recent and/or important research papers about computer vision and biological vision, news articles which involve vision, and vision-related ideas I have which may be interesting/useful. I’m also a big fan of the related topics of neuroscience and robotics, so I’ll probably regularly post about those as well.Although vision research can be a pretty technical at times, I’m hoping that at least some of this blog will be interesting and understandable by those without prior experience in the field.
A few things I hope to post about in the near future:

  • Luis von Ahn’s work with using web-based games to extract huge amounts of visual knowlede from humans.
  • Riya, a commercial web-based product for face recognition in galleries of photographs.
  • The recent PhD thesis defense of fellow CNS grad student Dirk Walther, involving the use of visual attention models to facilitate learning of models for object recognition.
  • The landmark Viola & Jones algorithm for face detection, its extensions, and the excellent open-source implementation of it in Intel’s OpenCV toolkit.
  • My thoughts on various feature descriptors useful in computational object recognition, such as David Lowe’s SIFT and Alex Berg’s geometric blur.
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3 Responses to Introduction

  1. Rajan says:

    I am sure that even if the posts are too technical you will find an audeince, they maybe sparse but still be there 🙂


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  3. neilh says:

    Hopefully I’ll have time soon to actually make further posts. 😉

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