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Dragon illusion

  (As seen on TechRepublic Blog: Put your color printer to good use with this super-cool optical illusion) Ok, this illusion is pretty darned cool. Basically, you print out this PDF and construct a paper sculpture of a dragon. It … Continue reading

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Pulsar-based “GPS” for interplanetary navigation

  Over on Selenian Boondocks there’s a neat post about the X-ray Pulsar Positioning System (XPPS), a system proposed by Microcosm as a GPS-equivalent for interplanetary navigation. I’ve often wondered about this problem: GPS on Earth requires satellites orbiting the … Continue reading

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Flying robot armed with shotgun

  Something I just submitted to slashdot: A small company called Neural Robotics has produced a robotic mini-helicopter armed with a rapid-fire shotgun. Based on their low-cost AutoCopter, the UAV uses neural network-based flight control algorithms to fly in either … Continue reading

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    Some time ago I realized that I couldn’t find any good sites which discuss recent research in computer vision. This “research blog” is intended to help fill that gap. My plan is to discuss recent and/or important research … Continue reading

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